Virtual Field Trips

Since 2012, we have been involved in projects on 3D virtual field trips in fieldwork-based subjects in Science such as Geology, Geography, Biology, Ecology and Environmental Science. A virtual geology field trip based around the Skiddaw mountains in UK's Lake District is the first 3D virtual field trip (VFT) that we developed.


Virtual Skiddaw  is a browser-based 3D Geology VFT App within Wolfson Trust-funded online science laboratory called The Open Science Laboratory (OSL). It was developed with a 3D game engine (Unity 3D ). It is an avatar-based multi-user environment. The multi-user capability offers the potential for collaborative group work, even among groups that are geographically dispersed.  

Publications related to Virtual Skiddaw are listed in Open University's Research Repository.


We have received the Google Virtual Reality Award (2016-2017) to conduct the pedagogical and usability evaluations of virtual reality based VFTs - Google Expeditions. A news item related to the awards and the project page gives details of the project.