Workshop - Online photo-sharing by people aged over 60 years

About the project

The Open University, in collaboration with Age UK Milton Keynes, is involved in a Sir Halley Stewart Trust-funded research project ( which is addressing the interlinked issues of ageing, wellbeing, loneliness and social isolation, and taking photographs and sharing photos via email and social media.

Your valuable insights/contributions to this research will help inform the ongoing discussion on loneliness amongst older people and their health and wellbeing.

23rd March 2018, workshop at The Open University's campus in Milton Keynes

If you share your photos online such as by email or on social media (e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram), please consider participating in this workshop on 23rd March 2018 to share your experiences. If you are involved in digital photography but don’t post/share photos online, then also please come to this workshop to share your experiences/concerns.

Timings: This workshop will run from 10 am to 12:30 at Open University’s campus in Milton Keynes MK7 6AA: registration, coffee/tea and pastries at 9:30 am; workshop start at 10 am; a tea break at 11:15; and a buffet lunch at 12:45. 


Alongside the workshops that we are running on this project, we have a survey through which we are collecting experiences of people aged 60+ living in the UK and who share photos online. The link to survey is: or (short link)

The survey will take 8-10 minutes to complete. The research design of this survey and the project has been approved by The Open University's Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC/2017/2498/Minocha). 

Contact details

Please contact Professor Shailey Minocha by email to confirm your participation in the workshop, or if you have any queries about the workshop or project; or if you are able to contribute to the research project via a conversation over phone/Skype, face-to-face meeting, etc.

A daily photo journal that helps to address social isolation

Rebecca Jones of The Open University along with some of the other attendees at the event

Rebecca Jones of The Open University along with some of the other attendees at the event

As a part of the Centre for Policy on Ageing (CPA) and Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies (CABS) seminar series, The Representation of Older People in Ageing Research, a seminar 'Social Media and Research in Ageing' took place on 30th October 2015 at The Open University's London office (1-11 Hawley Crescent, Camden, London, NW1 8NP).

Taking the example of an online photo journal called blipfoto which encourages users to document their life with just one photo each day, Shailey discussed how online social interactions influence the lives of people aged over 65 years, the challenges that they face, and the concerns that they have about being online.

The presentation is available here in Open University's Research Repository. The live blogging of the talk is available in Rebecca Jones' blog.