Survey on the use of digital health wearables

Do you use digital health wearables or activity trackers such as wrist-bands from Fitbit or Jawbone, or smart watches from Apple or Samsung, or a smart ring or bracelet? 

As a part of the Sir Halley Stewart Trust-funded Digital health wearables project at The Open University, UK (, we would like to know about your experiences of using such devices for monitoring your health and/or self-management of your health and the criteria that you used when you were considering the device(s) for yourself. 

Please visit to take part in an online survey related to this project. It will take 6-8 minutes to complete the survey. 

The project's research design has been approved by University's Human Research Ethics Committee (reference HREC/2015/2191/Minocha/1).

If you have any queries about the survey, please contact Shailey Minocha of The Open University, UK:

Many thanks.