Professor Shailey Minocha

Shailey is Professor of Learning Technologies and Social Computing at The Open University, UK. The focus of her research is understanding users' interactions with technology and investigating the factors that affect usability, user experience and user adoption of technology-enabled systems.

Shailey's research projects have involved investigating relationships between people and technology in emerging online domains: e-commerce, e-health, social software such as blogs, wikis and social networking tools, e-government, online learning, virtual reality and three-dimensional (3D) virtual worlds. 

Shailey's research analyses and interprets contemporary technological developments and their implications for individuals, organisations, society, and policy.

Starting from the empirically-grounded human-centred design principles of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Shailey has adapted theory and methods from design, learning science, service quality, social psychology, and sociology to formulate the underpinning theory, methodology, and ethical considerations of her empirical research.

Shailey's list of publications is available in Open University's Research Repository.